What the frag just happened!

You and your companions wake up in a strange abandoned apartment in a city you don’t recognize. All you remember is that your team was hired for a run that ended up in an ambush. Now here you are in a strange place with the only memory of a clown like looking man saying “Sorry I had to get you here this way, but you’re the only ones who can help me…”

Blur harlequin

Well you decide that it’s best that you get the frag outta here before whoever got you in this mess decides to come back and make your life even more miserable. After procuring some wheels and a couple of quick questions at the nearest Stop N’ Rob, you’ve come to find that you are no longer in Denver, but are in Seattle. Not the Seattle that you know but a huge sprawling Megaopolis. At least four times the size of the Seattle you remember. The size is not the strangest thing you notice. It’s the shimmering sphere that surrounds the city. Taking a look at it astrally shows you guys that it is strong mojo.

Survival instincts kick in and it’s best to find a place to flop in and organize a plan of action. Pooling what money you and your companions have in their pockets, you find a mediocre apartment that you can call “base of operations.” After a couple of days of investigating you’ve come to realize that you are no longer in what you would call “your world.” Of course everything kinda looks the same…orks are still orks, Mr. Johnson is still Mr. Johnson and the Corporations are still rich, the poor still poor, but the differences are quite staggering.

After much research, you find that most of the time line here is the same as where you come from except that The Treaty of Denver never happened after Daniel Howling Coyote was assassinated at the signing. His successor, Johnny Many Eyes turns out to be a bug shaman and uses what was supposed to be a second Great Ghost dance to end the war between the USA and Native American Nation as a summoning ceremony to summon hoards of bug spirits. His success did end the war, but only united the USA and NAN in stopping him but not before he completed his goal. He died as hoards upon hoards of insect spirits poured into the Midwest. As a result, all major cities become Mega cites and are physically and magically walled in to prevent bug infestation. The insect menace is finally in control but far from being done with. It is much safer now to travel between cities and is no longer prohibited but not encouraged. Special passes are needed to go from city to city. Also as a result North America is quarantined from the rest of the world and travel from the USA to other countries is illegal and all vehicles coming from North America are usually shot down or destroyed on sight.

Other differences of note are a detonation of a tactical nuke in Chicago north of the Core which puts a hive of insect spirits into a stupor. Knight Errants detonation of a nuke in Chicago never happened. Ibn Eisa, leader of the Islamic Unity Movement is assassinated, but returns to life. It would be years before it is revealed that a hostile insect spirit has reanimated his body. After the Matrix crash of ‘64, technomancer are now hunted on sight in a global witch hunt.

Now here you are, a stranger in a strange land. What is there left to do but earn some nuyen. At least they use the same money here. Now to find a job….

Times A Changin'!

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