At A Glance

Welcome to Denver, also known as the Front Range Free Zone. It’s a simmering cauldron of barely contained chaos. The city’s political six sectors coexist only becuase they have no other choice. The sector’s laws and economics conflict enough to make the trade legal between them virtually nonexistent. Denver’s shadow economy sustains the city alone, without the black and gray markets, no one could afford the food and other necessities of life.

This situation forces Denver’s residents to ignore the borders between the sectors as best they can. People and products must cross the border sectors daily, and only the governments try to track the dangers and opportunities that cross at the same time. Denver’s free-for-all, Wild West attitude attracts powerful players and that makes Denver a dangerous place even for the most experienced shadowruners.

This is the city where Daniel Howling Coyote was assassinated and the treaty of Denver fell apart. The area is divided into six sectors, each sector corresponds to a different nation. The six sectors are the Aztlan sector, CAS sector, Pueblo sector, Sioux Sector, UCAS Sector, and Ute Sector.

Population 3,260,000
  • Human 55%
  • Ork 20%
  • Troll 15%
  • Dwarf 2%
  • Elf 8%


Times A Changin'! Chopper