Times A Changin'!

July 23, 2075

The Story So Far....

The Story So Far….

Well after doing a couple of runs in Denver and finally making a name for your self, you find your self taking a run that changes your life and perspective of the world around you.

You wake up in Seattle of all place and not the same town that you know to be Seattle. What happened on the run? Who took us? These questions you decide will have to wait, staying in a strange place usually means death in the shadows.

After getting settled into a new place, you decide the best way to find answers is to make some nuyen so you can get the answers. It only takes a couple of weeks before you’re able to land a gig that looks promising enough to maybe change your luck.

You’ve been asked to meet a “handler” named Morlock who is supposed to have a run for you. You were instructed to meet him at the posh Laubenstien Plaza in downtown Seattle. Arriving there you’re instructed to meet Morlock on the top floor. Once there you have a small tangle with some ork thugs, which are no problem for runners of your caliber.

Now that you’re past the ork thugs, you enter the top floor penthouse and meet Morlock, who surprisingly enough is a dwarf. He tells you he represents parties that wish to “acquire” certain properties. The first part of the job requires that you break into Sylvan Information and steal a manuscript by Ehran the Scribe. The second job entails that while at Sylvan Information, you upload a virus in the datastore that will destroy all electronic copies of the manuscript. Money was good so you take it.

You decide that some scouting of Sylvan Information would be wise. You find security to be tight during the day but only one guard at night. At least that is what you thought until a barghest came stalking around the corner. Before the barghest could spot you, you hightail it out of there.

Night of the raid you get in to Sylvan without setting off the alarm, but much to your dismay, 3 additional troll bodyguards happen to be there that night that shouldn’t have been. After a quick scuffle, the mage was able to stun them without making too much noise. After a quick search of the offices you finally find the manuscript while your hacker is still uploading the virus. Why that took so long, you’re unsure. Was Sylvan Information’s security that good in the matrix or was your hacker having an off night.

While the virus was uploading, your luck runs out and 2 barghest come howling towards you as well as their caretaker. Alarms start ringing, and you barely get out of there before it all goes to drek. Good news is that all aspects of the run were completed and Morlock never said you couldn’t set the alarm off.

Hopefully the next runs won’t be this “easy!”



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