Times A Changin'!

September 11, 2075


Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since the run on Sylvan and the nuyen is starting to look scarce. Time for another run, you’re thinking to yourself when you get a telecom ring. What a coincidence.

On the telecom is Charlie Tarrow, who asks if you can meet at Takuri’s, one of the nicer restaurants downtown. You arrive at Takuri’s where you are seated with Charlie. To Charlie’s left is man named Wryd. Wyrd looks like a razor who has seen a lot of action and on Charlie’s right is Trey. He is younger and looks a bit nervous. There’s nothing like a nervous young razor to make things go bad, you think to yourself.

Charlie does business the old fashioned way. Dinner before work. What the hell you think, this is a great opportunity to eat something else besides SushiSoy. After dinner, Charlie gets down to business. She asks if you have heard of a poli-group named the Association of Para-Nobilis. You acknowledge that you only know what the news feeds tell you, proponents of the elven ideal. She tells you that the APN has been killing elves that don’t believe in their “Elven Ideal” concept of skipping through meadows while playing the lute. The death of these elves usually come at the hand of some kind of archaic weapon, swords, bows, and so on.

Charlie tells you that her client is willing to pay you a drek load of nuyen to eliminate the APN with added bonus of retrieving the ears of the 6 APN leaders. FYI the APN is mostly composed of “posers.” Wannabees that wear false tips or have had their ears surgically altered to look more like an elf. Another bonus offered is to drop off a envelope on the APN leader’s lap.

The nuyen was too good to pass up on some simple wetwork. After some investigating and planning, you get the blueprints of the APN HQ and formulate a plan. You plan on using the elves in your group to try and seduce one of the junior APN members to let you into the building under the guise of wanting to join. After getting in to the building, Bella does well with charming the goon but fails to finish him off with planting a blade into his back. The alarm raised, bullets start flying.

Your group makes it’s way through the building where you meet on of the APN leaders. A woman with red hair, who you realize is having doubts on what the APN is doing. After a brief discussion, she give you her ear tips and leaves the building. Making your way to the second floor seems to be more of a hassle. The APN has put up a strong defense. For a bunch of poser who supposed to advoacate the “Elven Ideal,” they sure have a lot of automatic weapons.

The firefight that ensues is bloody and not any of you come out of it unscathed but in the end you finally get the leader of the APN, Xeric and drop the envelope on his body. After a few minutes of getting yourself together, you make you way down to the basement, where you enjoy a bloody battle with the weapon master of the APN, Thiran, and Erendahl, one of the APN’s top leaders. The firefight takes much out of you again, and you decide that grenades in enclosed spaces are not conducive to a long life, or a short life for that matter. In the end, the last two leaders of the APN go down and you hightail it out of there, bruised, battered, and bleeding. At least, you’re getting paid and Lone Star hasn’t showed up yet.



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